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A new concept in high-speed elevators.

Toshiba never stops introducing the latest technologies and refining its high-speed elevator expertise. Toshiba proves this again with the New ELBRIGHT : a new elevator for a new age. Toshiba engineering has combined to produce the world’s first inverter drive controlled high-speed elevator, with the high-efficiency control, energy efficiency, and quiet operation today’s society demands.




A high-efficiency traction machine and advanced inverter drive controlled are expanding the potential of New ELBRIGHT

The New ELBRIGHT was developed to be the best an possible elevator, both for the buildings in which it is installed and for those who ride it. Every part of the elevator uses Toshiba’s leading technologies; from the traction machine and control system to the cars, doors, and drive system. The New ELBRIGHT will boost the value of the high-speed elevator immensely.

Compact and energy-efficiency via the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

The New ELBRIGHT employs a gearless traction machine using a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), in place of the conventional induction motor. The PMSM uses a permanent magnet with a high magnetic flux density. This allows a more compact and lightweight traction machine. Furthermore, establishing a permanent magnetic flux eliminates the need to release magnetizing current. This and other advantages pave the way for highly efficient control, which helps to save energy.

A compact slimline control panel realizes space-saving in machine room

The New ELBRIGHT's control system use small inverter unit. It also incorporates peripheral equipment, integrated multifunctional digital line, a compact control panel device and efficiently implemented layout for a slimline control panel. The well thought-out control panel design also reduces working space for maintenance, which frees up space for the machine room.

New control systems

A high performance CPU is employed for the advanced and newly developed control system. This control system cuts the level of standby electricity required and promotes an automatic shutoff system for lighting and ventilation to further boost power savings.


Desigh selection

Appearances Worthy of the Building

Appearances Worthy of the Building

When a person enters a building, the first room to step inside is the elevator. The elevator plays an important role as a face deciding the first impression of the building and provides an enjoyable time in traveling from one floor to another.

It is the Toshiba elevator which elegantly and vividly produces a personality by means of a variety of expressions in line with the atmosphere of any building.

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