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The elevator analyzes the "now" of the building !
We will predict "future traffic conditions within the building" and provide the optimum elevator.


Real-Time Scheduling System

We will always analyze the very latest elevator operating conditions to predict the future elevator service situation, select the most suitable elevator and deliver it to the point of use.
Toshiba Elevator Group Control System: The Real-Time Scheduling System (RTS) not only shortens the waiting time of the elevator but also allows us to provide various environmentally friendly driving functions such as "Power saving function" and "Power saving allocation function".


※Note 1: An express zone is not included. The actual number of applications is based on each elevator models .


Leading edge and high-spec “Elevator Group control systems” is monitor the current building environment and predict the future.

To optimize elevator control, analyzing the movements of elevators in a building real-time and controlling them while predicting what may happen in the immediate future is crucial. Toshiba has developed the Real-Time Scheduling System (RTS) to control elevators properly and included it in elevator group control systems.

Image of control by the Real-Time Scheduling System (RTS)


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